Anti-bacterial wall cladding providing

maximum protection


Decorative antibacterial cladding


Anti-bacterial cladding providing maximum protection


Floor cladding



The health industry has strict standards for wall cladding and flooring. Products must be heavy duty, easy to maintain, and provide a pleasant atmosphere for patients and visitors. We provide solutions that allow us to cater to your individual needs, with a wide range of designs and shades.


We are aware of the changing needs of the commercial world: trendy designs, the need to renovate without disrupting business activity, and adjustment of the design to the business’s concept. In addition, businesses require technical features such as high resistance to abrasion caused by extensive traffic, ease of maintenance, and regulatory requirements that apply to commercial facilities and shops. We offer a wide variety of solutions tailored for every need!


The company offers a wide variety of solutions for public facilities and private residences. Our variety of products meet technical constraints such as hygiene, acoustics, and relocation, as well as design expectations such as natural or trendy decor. Our products are high quality, durable, and meet health and hygiene requirements, all with a modern and trendy design.


We offer our clients special flooring and cladding products that ensure safety, reliability and uncompromised quality. We provide our clients with solutions that solve industrial challenges and meet strict regulations.


The sports industry uses many cladding, protection, and accessibility products. We offer a wide variety of flooring and wall cladding for a wide range of uses in the sports industry, including sports halls and other sports compounds. Our products come in various designs and shades, all at a high quality.


Our company offers a wide variety of solutions in the public transportation sector, with cladding that meets the strictest requirements for buses, airplanes, trains, marine vessels, and support facilities. In addition to strict quality standards, durability, and ease of maintenance, we offer a wide variety of designs.


The design and ergonomics of your office present your image to your clients and employees. Correct planning and design significantly affect the efficiency and performance of your workers. We offer a wide variety of solutions for every facility - thanks to a large variety of shades, we can create many kinds of atmospheres.


We provide a complete solution tailored to the educational industry. This sector requires many different products for its various institutions. Hygiene, durability and acoustics are only part of the requirements of the educational sector. Our experience allows us to offer many products for many kinds of educational institutions, from preschool to academic institutions.


We offer cladding that protects walls from scratches and other mild blemishes such as dirt. The cladding comes with standards compliant protection against bacteria and fire. The panels can be ordered in a variety of shades, at widths varying from 1300-3000, and at a length of about 3 meters. The VINREEF series is suitable for hospitals, nursing institutions, care homes, food courts, public institutions, educational institutions, and more. In addition, we provide accessories for clean installation.

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